MSDQ News!

Hey Folks! Just a note to catch-up on what's been happenin' with MSDQ! A couple of performances of note in the month of July were @ The Newport Blues Cafe, and The King's Park Gazebo in Newport. A thanks to Jim Quinn for having MSDQ @ The Newport Blue's Cafe, and their soundtech Pete @ Newport Blue's for a great night on Newport's finest stage. Always fun playing there, and has the latest for upcoming performers. The Newport Independent Music Festival has been hosting performances every Sunday this summer, and MSDQ was privileged to be included. A special thanks to Kevin Sullivan of NIMF, and has a listing of upcoming performers/events. A huge thanks to Jeff Fountain for sitting in on drums and doing a fantastic job! Jeff's experience and creativity brought an energy to the performance that was reminiscent of (dare I say) past performances of the Newport Jazz Festival. Keep cool, enjoy your summer, and we look forward to seeing you @ POP this Friday, August 1st!!! Michael Johnson MSDQ

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